Ensuring Fair Trade

At Sensortronic, we believe that all businesses should have access to the equipment they need to ensure fair trade, compliance, productivity and efficiency. 

We support businesses to ensure fair trade in the following ways:

1: Experience and Expertise:

Our well experienced teams trained in Metrology, trade certifications and scientific traceable calibrations gives the ability to deliver expert advice and services to every client. 

2: Affiliations

Sensortronic is IANZ registered and accredited to ISO 17025-2018. We consider quality to be essential and ensure that it is implemented through all levels of our operations. Sensortronic is accredited to trading standards to carry out trade certifications on weighing devices and also accredited to IANZ to perform calibrations with international traceability.  

IANZ is the organisation that makes sure New Zealand keeps being the kind of place we all love living in. They protect the health and wealth of New Zealand by ensuring that those who test or inspect the products and services we buy, consume, use, or are surrounded by every day are safe, accurate, and aren’t doing us harm. They do this by ensuring testing laboratories, inspection bodies, building consent authorities and medical imaging providers meet international standards and can demonstrate that they are competent. IANZ also helps our exporters access international markets by ensuring that those who test or inspect their products, meet the required standards for each country. Not all laboratories or inspection bodies are accredited, so when you see that our reports or certificates carry the IANZ mark of competence, you can have confidence in results that are trusted in New Zealand and around the world.

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