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Calibration and Certification

The Sensortronic calibration labs offer three types of certifications to cover any industry requirements.
We are capable of testing, calibrating, and certification of :


 • Masses / Test weights
• Analytical & Precision Balances, retail/Bench/Platform/Floor scales
• Weighbridges, Tanks, Silos and Hoppers
• Concrete / Asphalt Batching plants
• Forklift and Front-end loaders 
• Load cells, weigh indicators and force testers
• Check / Catch weighers
• Flow meters, Liquid / Cryogenic liquid
• Liquefied carbon dioxide Measuring systems
• Horse measurers
• Thickness gauges
• Temperature measuring Instruments
• Volume measures
• Verniers, Micrometres
General Calibration
Testing is carried out with reference equipment traceable to New Zealand national standards. A detailed report on the performance of equipment will be issued on completion. All calibrations are carried out to comply with manufacturer’s guidelines or recognized industry standards. 
Trade Certifications
Sensortronic is accredited to Trading Standards within the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment. Our accredited technicians are capable of certifying all types of approved weighing equipment from small bench scales to weighbridges, hoppers and silos. Our weights used in testing are traceable to the New Zealand Standard. We are also capable of certifying milk measuring systems and automatic catch weighers.
IANZ Certifications
We are accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ), complying to NZS ISO/IEC 17025-2017. 
IANZ accreditation provides assurance of our technical competence and experience, integrity and traceability of equipment, technical validity of methods and results in compliance with ISO standards. 
Our Scope covers a wide range of metrology calibrations such as masses/test weights, balances and industrial weighing devices, dynamic weighing devices/check weighers, force testing devices and testing machines up to 100 ton.
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