Preventative Service

Sensortronic Scales are strong advocates for a proactive approach to equipment maintenance and provide a comprehensive maintenance service to ensure accurate weight readings, reduce downtime and increase the lifespan of weighing equipment.

In cases of equipment breakdown, organisations need to know that they can receive fast repairs. Sensortronic Scales provide a technical support team who are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to reduce equipment downtime

Other benefits from Preventative Maintenance Plans

  • Reduced production downtime, resulting from less weighing equipment breakdowns.
  • Increased life expectancy of equipment, thereby eliminating premature replacement of weighing equipment.
  • Timely routine repairs mean fewer large-scale repairs.
  • Reduced cost of repairs by reducing secondary failures. When parts fail they usually damage other parts.
  • Reduced product rejects due to better overall weighing equipment performance – Improved product quality output.
  • Identification of equipment with excessive maintenance costs, indicating the need for corrective maintenance, operator training, or replacement of obsolete equipment.

Service & Maintenance Contract

Sensortronic Scales offers a Service Maintenance Contract with numerous benefits.

Maintenance: Our dedicated technicians will maintain your equipment including: cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, testing and adjusting as required, and the completion of documentation about the scale/equipment.

Calibration: All weighing systems serviced will be issued with a calibration-testing report, which will detail any damage, malfunctions, calibration variances and recommended action.

Discounts: As a contract customer, you will receive discounts on all our already competitively priced equipment. Finance options are also available.

Companies that obtain a Maintenance Agreement with Sensortronic Scales become preferential clients and receive the benefits of a special rate.

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