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AS X2 PLUS Analytical Balances

AS X2 PLUS Analytical Balances

60 g × 0.01 mg To  520 g × 0.1 mg





Product Name Maximum capacity [Max] Readability [d] Weighing pan dimensions
AS 60/220.X2 Analytical Balance PLUS 60/220g 0.01/0.1mg ø90+ø85(option) mm
AS 82/220.X2 Analytical Balance PLUS 82/220g 0.01/0.1mg ø90+ø85(option) mm
AS 220.X2 Analytical Balance PLUS 220g 0.1mg ø100mm
AS 310.X2 Analytical Balance PLUS 310g 0.1mg ø100mm
AS 520.X2 Analytical Balance PLUS 520g 0.1mg ø100mm


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