D732 Remote Display with Traffic Light

The D732 is a 7 segment super bright LED remote with 75mm (3″) high digits and traffic lights. It is an ideal economical display for weigh bridges and truck scales.



  • Auto detecting setup
  • Compatible with Rinstrum indicators only
  • Dedicated Red/Green Traffic lights
  • Isolated RS232/485 Serial Input
  • Suitable for external use
  • Super Bright LEDs
  • Wide viewing angle 120

The D732 is suitable for industrial applications both indoors and out, and features:

  • Isolated RS232/RS485 serial input;
  • Protocol compatible with Rinstrum indicators only and systems that support Rinstrum/Range A and C and PC Modes. **NEW Protocol 4 Ranger D in latest release.
  • Greater than 20m /66 feet at 120  viewing angle
  • 10 step auto adjusting brightness

Traffic Lights: 35mm/1.4″ red and green traffic lights that can be driven via the communications protocol.

Decimal Point: The decimal point is displayed between digits as a single LED and does not affect number of digits displayed.

Configurator PC Software: Allows for configuration via the PC – unit addressing in PC mode for multi-drop applications and brightness and time out can be set.