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TLB4 – Digital-Analog Weight Transmitter

TLB4 – Digital-Analog Weight Transmitter

Trade Approved(2295) Weight transmitter/indicator with six-digit red LED display (8 mm height). Space saving compact design. Four buttons for the system calibration. Six indicator led. Dimensions: 26 x 115 x 120 mm.

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Available communication protocols :

Product Port More Info
TLB4 485 – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485) RS485 port (Modbus RTU/Laumas ASCII protocol) Click Here
TLB4 485 – Digital-Analog weight Transmitter ( RS485-16bit analog output) 0/4-20mA, 0/5-10V, RS485 Click Here
TLB4 CANOPEN – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – CANopen) CANopen port RS485 port Click Here
TLB4 DEVICENET – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – DeviceNet) DeviceNet portRS485 port Click Here
TLB4 CC-LINK – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – CC-Link) CC-Link portRS485 port Click Here
TLB4 PROFIBUS – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – PROFIBUS) PROFIBUS DP portRS485 port Click Here
TLB4 PROFINET IO – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – PROFINET IO) Two PROFINET IO portsRS485 port Click Here
TLB4 ETHERNET/IP – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – Ethernet/IP) Ethernet /IP portRS485 port Click Here
TLB4 MODBUS/TCP – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – Modbus/TCP) Modbus/TCP portRS485 port Click Here
TLB4 ETHERNET TCP/IP – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – Ethernet TCP/IP) Ethernet TCP/IP port for remote management (connectable to your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. via web)RS485 port Click Here
TLB4 ETHERCAT – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – EtherCAT) Two EtherCAT portsRS485 port Click Here
TLB4 POWERLINK – Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – POWERLINK) Two POWERLINK portsRS485 port Click Here
TLB4 SERCOS III- Digital Weight Transmitter (RS485 – SERCOS III) Two SERCOS III portsRS485 port Click Here


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