Zemic – H8C Nickel Plated Alloy Steel Shear beam load cell ( 500kg-2ton)

The H8C is a low-profile shear beam load cell designed for high accuracy platform scales, pallet scales, and process weighing applications. The H8C Shear Beam Load Cell has high immunity to shock or side loading and is available in 3 mV/V sensitivity.

Approved to OIML, NTEP standards. For hazardous environments, this load cell is available with EEx ia IIC T6 level of European approval. Nickel plating and full environmental sealing assure long-term reliability. A stainless steel option is available for the lb versions for use in harsh or corrosive environments.



  • Nickel plated alloy steel IP67 shear beam load cell.
  • 100kg and 250kg are bending beam load cells.
  • Suitable platform weighing, hospital bed weighing, etc.
  • High accuracy.
  • High reliability.
  • Current calibrated (sc-option).