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CAS ER JR Price Computing Scale $531+GST

CAS ER JR Price Computing Scale $531+GST

Capacity: 3-30kg Dual Range, Pan Size:  290 x 209 mm   (with customer rear display). Retail price computing scale. 199 PLU’s. Able to be connected with PC or Printer via optional RS-232C Interface. Manually program data or use optional ER-Works software. Pole and non-pole type available.

Max. Capacity (kg) 3/6 6/15 15/30
Readability (g) 1/2 2/5 5/10


The ER Jr Series ideal for Fruit and Vegetable shops, Grocery shops and Supermarkets. Simple and easy to use with 4 direct PLUs. This model is available with or without pole display.
  • Trade Approved (NMI No. 6/4D/345)
  • TMU #2026
  • 4 Direct PLU Keys
  • Weight, Unit Price & Price LCD Displays
  • Dual Display
  • Dual Interval


  • 4 Direct PLU’s memory function *PLU (Price-Look-Up) function: Preset keys for frequent transaction items and it’s price. Easy and convenient.
  • Adopted dual interval technology for better accuracy
  • Three highly ledgible LCD displays
  • Functions: Calculation, Auto power-off
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • Blue Backlight
  • Dust protection cover
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