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Sensortronic Slimline Forklift Scale

Sensortronic Slimline Forklift Scale

Sensortronic Forklift Scale helps prevent overloading your forklift or truck / trailer axles. Quick and easy installation of a weight indicator. Will fit any model and capacity forklift. As a forklift operator you’ll appreciate this functional, highly versatile and cost effective fork lift scale which has been manufactured entirely from 304 stainless steel making it absolutely suitable for our harsh environments.



  • 12 volt operation as standard, with 36 to 80V adapter available on request
  • Overload alarms (audible & visual)
  • Dual load center switching
  • Replaces old mechanical systems by simply fitting into existing hydraulic line
  • 5kg increments up to 2,500kg
  • 10kg increments for over 2,500kg
  • Add-up & Total function for all loads applied to the trucks – No more overloading!
  • RS232 serial port (Optional)


ultimate Ace Forklift Scales Microline
ultimate Ace Forklift Scales Ultimate
ultimate Ace Forklift Scales Ultimate Combo
ultimate Ace Forklift Scales SLIMLINE II
ultimate WiFork – Wifi Forklift Scales



Model Ultimate/Microline Slimline Combo
Transducer psi 10,000 psi
Transducer material 304 stainless steel
Safe overload capacity 150% of rated capacity
Indicator protection IP65 (except for printer)
Indicator material 304 stainless steel
Weighing Units Kilograms and Pounds
Function Static and Forced weighing
Zeroing range 100% of capacity
Span calibration 20% to 100% capacity
Power 12 – 24 volts dc as standard
Interface (opt) Rs-232
Operating temp. range -10 C to 50 C /14 F to 122 F
Capacity & Division Max. Capacity – 100,000 Kg/ Division 5, 10, 20, 50 Kg
Net Weight 1.2 Kg 1.6 Kg 2.6 Kg
Shipping Weight 1.4 Kg 2 Kg 3 Kg
Shipping Dimensions cm 21 x 13 x 14 26 x 26 x 17 30 x 26 x 17
Accuracy +/- 1 % for all scales.
Weight Display mm 14 mm lcd/Led 25 mm lcd 25mm lcd



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