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CAS Ezy Lodec Modular Weighbridge

CAS Ezy Lodec Modular Weighbridge

Trade Approved (1692) Designed for the harshest of industrial environments, this model is suited to an environment where there is a potential for loose material to collect under the weighbridge. The EZY LODEC special open centre design gives the user easy access to open the hatches and clear underneath the weighbridge which is a real benefit for in-ground weighbridges. Available in a galvanised or painted finish.

Max Capacity: Customisable

        Weighbridge User’s Guide

CAS Ezy Lodec Modular Weighbridges come in a variety of sizes and capacities. With its new innovative design and low profile (200mm), this weighbridge is available in segments enabling us to customize these bridges from 6 to 24 metres and capacity 30 to 60 tons. Its modular design makes it easy to re-locate and install with minimum concrete foundations required. Can be installed in ground or above ground with optional ramps.


  • Fully Galvanized steel structure
  • Modular design (easy install & re-locate)
  • Low profile (200mm)
  • Above ground & Pit-type available
  • Stainless steel waterproof (IP68) WBK load cells
  • Load cell protection (IP67) from shock and side loads
  • Junction box (Summing 4, 6, 8 cells with trim capability)


  • On/Off Ramps
  • Remote Display
  • Extra WBK Load Cells
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